Matt x Core (rockstarxxxlove) wrote,
Matt x Core

It's called the Tango [Layth]

Blaaaaaah relationships are soooo tricky.

But I've got it down to a T... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.

No I <3 him. Only <3. It's all too soon for love. Give me another few months. If it lasts that long. Who knows. I'm not making plans. Only enjoying the moment that is now. And panicking that it's all going to be over all too soon.

I'm currently listening to Rent.
I want to be every character in this play/movie/phenomenon

But I realize I'm too Maureen/Mimi/Angel/Mark to be anyone else.


This post took two hours to write. It was 2:24. It is now 4:06.

I had a great day. I'm getting married to Jesus.
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